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The Visual-Perceptual-Motor Activities Collection: C23 @ $55, specifically designed for children with learning disorders, 4 to 14 years old, has now morphed from the multi-tabbed purple folder into a spiral-bound book format, featuring more than 800 activities and 187 illustrations on 160 pages of tasks and games that are developmentally-sequenced to promote learning and insure success. It still includes:
* Reproducible gross motor, fine motor, and oculomotor activity charts
* Illustrated directions to construct low-cost materials and equipment
* References
* CD to Print-Your-Own (also available separately: C23cd @ $25)

The charts help therapists, teachers, and parents by:
* Incorporating step-by-step progressions
* Describing methods and teaching techniques
* Offering suggestions for verbal and manual instructions
* Guiding and modifying treatment planning
* Documenting the child's daily progress

Read reviews of this book:
* ADVANCE for OT Practitioners
* The Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy
* The Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy

Download sample activity charts in pdf format now to view with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Get Acrobat Reader Click here to get a free download.

* Sample Gross Motor Chart: Obstacle Course
* Sample Fine Motor Chart: Folding
* Sample Fine Motor Chart: Origami
* Sample Oculomotor Chart: Magnet Maze
* Sample Materials/Equipment Chart: Stick Designs

Use of the charts with a 6-year-old child is described in the chapter "Visual-perceptual-motor dysfunction: Effects on eye-hand coordination and skill development". In Functional Visual Behavior in Children: An Occupational Therapy Guide to Evaluation and Treatment Options (2nd ed.), available from The American Occupational Therapy Association (800) 729-2682 or

The same case study is used in the DVD video series Evaluation and Treatment of the Child with Visual-Perceptual-Motor Problems: A 3-Part Series (1997), 125 minutes (V23.0P: $250).
V23.1: Part 1 (25 minutes) demonstrates procedures for observational evaluation.
V23.2: Part 2 (75 minutes) follows the 4-month home treatment program.
V23.3: Part 3 (25 minutes) shows results through reevaluation one year later.

Watch how therapist and parent use the activity charts with a 6-year-old child. Show the treatment video with charts as handouts for inservice programs. All copyrighted charts may be duplicated for clinical or educational purposes.

* FAQs about Visual-Perceptual-Motor Problems

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