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* Creating Adaptable and Accessible Environments for Aging in Place
* Development of a Learning-Teaching Style Assessment: A Checklist for Documenting Observations and Teaching Strategies
* A Systems Approach to the Development of Feeding Skills and Feeding Disorders
* Motor Components of Vision: Assessment and Management in Children with Neurological Disorders
* Childhood Intervention to insure Functional Hand Skills for Occupational Performance throughout the Lifespan
* Improving Handwriting Without Teaching Handwriting: A Model for OT and PT Role Delineation
* Therapy During Lifespans of Individuals with Multiple Handicaps
* Development of a Hand Preference Assessment
* Emerging and Mature Hand Preferences and Congruencies
* Screening Visual Control in Young Children

* A Sensorimotor Approach to Feeding Problems in a Toddler with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Failure to Thrive


* Clinical Observations of Skill Development Chart
* Documentation of Hand Preference Chart
* Tips for Grading Activities
* Toy Analysis Checklist

* Sensorimotor Stimulation Activities for Preschool Children with Significant Visual Impairments


International Journal of Applied Psychology
* Revision of the Erhardt Learning-Teaching Style Assessment (ELSA): Results of a qualitative pilot study

Innovative Teaching
* The process of creating a learning-teaching style assessment: A checklist for documenting observations and teaching strategies

Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
* Improving Handwriting Without Teaching Handwriting

OT Practice
* Handwriting on the Wall: Frequently Asked Questions about Chalkboard Activities to Improve Postural Alignment and Fine Motor Control
* Using Touch Therapeutically

ADVANCE for OT Practitioners
* Pediatric OTs Love Lycra
* Adaptation: The Art and Science of Living Life to its Fullest
* Broadcasting the Value of OT: Promoting the Profession through Public-access Television
* Functional Hand Skills Throughout the Lifespan
* Aging in Place: It's for Therapists Too!
* Office Management: Strategies for your Multi-faceted Business!
* How Exercise and Activity go Together: An OT's Personal Experience
* Circuits for success: Using the Computer to Organize your Consulting Business
* The Right Tool for the Job: If Existing Assessments Don't Meet your Needs, Try Creating Your Own
* Participation in Non-OT Organizations: Professional and Personal Rewards
* The Transition from Finger Feeding to Utensil Use: A Systems Approach
* Failure to Thrive: A Sensorimotor Approach
* Independent Feeding: Answers to Some Common Questions
* Visual development: Answers to Some Common Questions
* Early Visual Development: Preparing Kids for Future Adult Performance
* The Prehension/vision Connection: Implications for Skill Development
* Early Hand Development: What Children Need for Future Adult Performance
* Therapists' Hand Skills: Tips for Improving Therapeutic Handling
* Climbing to Maturity Hand over Hand

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